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Going green with Original Home can be easy with our Green Building section. It is new and very extensive.

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What's New

We're working on new Green Notes which will appear on your plans.

Original Home will offer Green Notes for those who want to go green. There's no need to read a book or ask your builder to make green changes. Our new Green Notes can be printed right on your plans. Here is a sample::

These notes are meant only as green guidelines; they are not a green building certification program. For more information on certification programs and additional green resources, go to www.originalhome.com/about/greenbuilding.htm

Homes can be built to consume less energy and fewer resources, have increased indoor air quality, and be constructed with reused and recycled materials. Energy efficiency is closely tied to reduced water and air pollution, while reused construction materials conserve raw materials, natural resources, and reduce waste streams. Look for the following building principles that run through the Green Notes to assist you in understanding the process of going green.

1. Energy efficiency
2. Environmental impact.
3. Resource conservation.
4. Indoor air quality.
5. Renewable and alternative energy.

2. Environmental impact.
Substitute products with solvent-free or water-based solvents for those that require solvent-based cleaning methods.
Consider the impact of your home on the existing community, and use local businesses and materials to reduce transportation requirements.

3. Resource conservation.
Design and build for eventual deconstruction and recycling.
Deconstruct, recycle and reuse existing structures on site (if any).
Sell or give away wood scraps, lumber, and land clearing debris.
Reuse, donate, give away, or sell reusable finish items and materials such as: doors, flooring,
windows, appliances, fixtures, hardware, cabinets, siding, decking, trim & framing lumber.
Require subcontractors and contractor's employees to participate in waste reduction efforts.
Try to recycle at least 85% of separatable materials such as scrap wood or drywall.
Try to recycle at least 50% of commingled materials.

Some Stock Plansnow ship next day.

Original Home now has stock plans available for Next Day Shipping.
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New line of house designs coming soon.

David Moore is working on a new line of Ranch designs to expand our collection of interactive house plans. The ranch designs will offer one story homes to complement the 1 1/2 and 2 story collections we currently offer.

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