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Why buy your house plans here? Here are 3 great reasons to buy your house plans from Original Home.

Read these testimonials from our customers.

Read more about the experienced professionals behind Original Home Plans.

What does an Original Home look like? Look at these finished homes built by our customers.

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About Original Home Plans

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Here are 3 reasons to buy your plans from Original Home.

1. You can customize your designs on-line.

Some plan companies might charge hundreds of dollars to make a single change to their plans.

With our patent pending on-line Design Tool, you can make dozens of free modifications to your design and order your plans immediately. There is no software to download, and nothing to buy except for your plans. Our Design Tool is unique in the industry and saves you time and money

2. We offer a carefully selected group of proven designs.

At Original Home, we offer a carefully selected group of proven designs, and we allow you to create the custom variation you want . You can design a home that meets your needs and satisfies your creativity. Millions of unique designs are available to you at the click of a mouse, and you are in control.

3. We design and draw all of our own plans.

Many other plan sites are publishing companies. They aren't designers, and they don't produce the plans they sell.

We produce all of the plans on our site. If you have a question about our plans or how to build them; we can answer it. Our staff has been in the residential design and construction business for over 25 years, and they understand houses. Our houses are straightforward to build and make efficient use of materials. Our layouts are spacious, open and flexible with all of the best features requested by today's families.

At Original Home Plans, we are proud of the quality of our home plans. All our drawings are produced on our CAD system; they are accurate, clear, and detailed.

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What our customers are saying.

"I literally searched through about 40,000 house plans on the internet and on house plan CDs before finding Original Home. One of their plans was the closest that I had seen to the design I was seeking. Original Home was very accommodating and helpful in making the customizations I wanted. After about 30 requested changes and 3 iterations later, I had a set of drawings that reflected my vision. I consider my final price for their custom plans to be a bargain, given the design and consultation time. My experience with Original Home and their staff has been a positive one." - Clarence H.

"I can't believe my brother designed the house. I thought it was done by a professional designer. Your plans were legible, clear, and easy to use." - Bill S. (Bill is a professional builder and works with his brother Chris. )

"I think your web site is among the best I have seen. If you used in house talent to develop this site, hold on to them. If you used a contractor, it was worth it. But in either case you have a great place to direct traffic." -Neal E.

"I have not encountered another home plan site that had user interaction to the extent that you had. I really enjoy using it." - Miriam

"I really enjoyed using your site. I found it to be very easy to use. It would be nice if you could have some other designs available. It was the only place on the Internet that had the custom design features that I could find, and it was also one of the only simple colonial designs that I could find. Both unique features." - Bob L.

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About Original Home Plans

The partners who founded Original Home, LLC in 2000 are experienced professionals in the fields of architecture, real estate, and construction. Our main office is located in Woodbridge , Connecticut , just outside of New Haven . The originalhome.com website opened in 2001 with a total of 4 interactive designs, and we've been developing new features and adding new designs ever since. Today, we have customers in 30 different states and over 12,000 people have registered to use our Design Tool.

In 2006, the United States Patent Office recognized the originality and utility of our interactive home plan technology and awarded us a patent for our PlanTool. However, we refuse to sit on our laurels, and we're always working to improve our plans and services.

About Our Architect David Moore, Original Home Plans Architect

Most of the designs you will see on these pages are the work of our architect, David Moore. David has spent the past 25 years designing houses around the country. He is a graduate of Williams College and Harvard's Graduate School of Design. In addition to being a licensed architect, David has experienced home construction from many points of view, as a carpenter, a general contractor, a speculative builder, and a homeowner. He is a member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD), and the International Codes Council (ICC). His work has appeared in local and national publications. David has designed office buildings, condominium complexes, and dozens of high-end, custom houses. But he always wanted to create a more affordable service that he could offer to the wider range of clients: those who want a great design but may not have the time to learn a CAD program or funds to hire a design professional.


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