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House Plan Sets

Construction Plan Sets:

Colonial Home Under Construction
Colonial Home Under Construction
Colonial Home Under Construction

Construction Plan Sets, also known as Construction Drawings or Blueprints, are used to obtain final cost estimates, building permits, and for constructing your house.

Our typical set of Construction Plans includes the following drawings scaled at 1/4” =1’-0” unless noted:
1. Foundation Plan
2. First Floor Plan
3. Second Floor Plan
4. Roof Plan
5. Front and Right Side Exterior Elevations
6. Rear and Left Side Elevations
7. Construction Sections
8. Details- Scale: 1"=1'-0".

Details for some Plan Sets may be printed on separate 8-1/2 x 11 sheets, scaled at 1-1/2”= 1’-0”.

Our Reversed House Plans are drawn in full reverse. This means the text and dimensions are also reversed so they will read correctly.

Due to the wide variation in local climates and customs, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans are not included. If required, designs for these systems should be obtained from a local design professional or from your builder.

How many plan sets are needed to construct your house? We recommend ordering a minimum of 4 additional plan sets for a total of 5 sets to be used as follows:

  • 1 plan set for the home owner
  • 1 plan set for the building inspector
  • 1 plan set for the construction lender
  • 2 plan sets for the contractor

At any time within 12 months of your original order, you may order additional plan sets if you need them.

Free Sample: At Original Home Plans, we are proud of the quality of our home plans. All our drawings are produced on our CAD system; they are accurate, clear, and detailed.
Select the following link to receive a free sample of our house plans.

Free Sample House Plan

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Construction Plan Elements

Foundation: Full Basements are shown on all of our plans. Optional slab on grade or crawl space foundations are available on all Interactive Plans. We can provide these alternate foundations as a Custom Service for any of our Stock Plans.

Energy Conservation: Thermal insulation, air barriers, and vapor barriers are not shown on our plans due to wide variations in local climate conditions. Confirm all requirements for your climate zone with your building official.

Framing: Our plans contain framing information and member sizes for conventional stick (joist and rafter) framing. If roof or floor trusses are substituted, your truss supplier must provide engineered truss designs, layouts, and details. Wind bracing is not shown on our plans due to wide variations in local wind speed and wind exposure. If required, wind bracing should be designed by a local design professional.

Wall Thickness: We draw our exterior walls at a 6” width. Optional 4" exterior walls are available on all Interactive Plans. You may select 4” exterior walls if they provide sufficient space for adequate insulation in your area.

Ceiling Heights: Standard ceiling heights are 8’-0” high. Optional 9'-0" ceilings are available on all Interactive Plans. We can provide these alternate ceiling heights as a Custom Service for any of our Stock Plans.

Exterior Materials: Specific siding, exterior trim, or roofing products are not detailed on the drawings. This allows our designs to be built from a wide range of materials without modification of the plans.

All generic products and materials must be installed in accordance with industry standards. All manufactured materials, equipment and assemblies shall be installed in strict accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

Our plans are intended for use by experienced and licensed builders in a negotiated construction contract situation. As such, they may not show all details or specify all materials required for construction. First-time or inexperienced builders should not use these plans.

Study Plan Sets:

If you want to see more detailed drawings of your design, but you’re not ready to order Construction Plan sets, you can order a Study Plan set. Study Plans are a reduced version of the actual Construction Plans and are suitable for a detailed review of the design and for obtaining preliminary or "ballpark" bids. They do not contain sufficient information to build your house, and they may not be used for construction.

The cost of your Study Set may be credited toward the purchase of Construction Plans for the same design. To receive this credit, you must order your Construction Plans within 90 days of your Study Set, and you must call our office before placing your Construction Plan order. A Study Plan Set includes the following drawings scaled at 1/8” =1’-0”

  • First Floor Plan
  • Second Floor Plan
  • Front and Right Side Exterior Elevations
  • Rear and Left Side Exterior Elevations

Original Home Plans Price List
(All prices are subject to change without notice)

Interactive Plans (Design Your Own)
First Construction Plan Set:
$699.00 and up*
Study Plan Set:
$349.00 and up*
*Base Plan prices vary with size and some features are an additional cost.
Stock Plans:
First Construction Plan Set:
Additional Construction Plan Sets (All designs):
$42.00 each
Shipping and Handling
Construction Plan Set Order
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