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Plan Tool Information

Plan Tool Page Layout:
The Plan Tool contains a Feature List on the left side of the screen with Plan and Elevation Design Views to the right. The Feature List contains a variety of individual features that you can use to customize your design. Use the drop-down lists, check boxes, and radio buttons to select the features you want;. The Design Views will be updated automatically to reflect your selections.

Feature Descriptions:
For information about each feature, click on the Info button above the feature list.
But, the best way to find out about a feature is to select it.; you can change your design as often as you wish. The availability of various features will change depending on the particular design you have selected.

Design Assistant:
If you have selected a combination of features that are in conflict, the Design Assistance pop-up window will alert you. If this happens, read the message, close the window and proceed.

Area Calculations:
An automatically updated table of building areas appears below the Design Views,. All areas are calculated from the outside face of exterior walls, railings, or column lines. These area calculations are approximate; actual areas may be different and must be calculated from the Construction Plan sets or the Study Sets.

Function Buttons:
Use the Save, Load, and Delete buttons to manage your design files. You may save as many designs as you wish. Use the email button to send a copy of your design to your chosen recipient.

Ordering House Plans:
Click on the ORDER PLANS button to order Construction Plan sets or Study Plan sets. Plan Set prices are shown above the button. Read about Plan Sets for more information

Further Blue Print Customization:
We provide complete customization services for all of our designs. Read about our Custom Services.

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